03.06. – 01.07.2023 Full value, Hanover

If you take a look at the area of nutrition
then Vollwert describes a predominantly
plant-based diet, in which low-processed ingredients are
Food products are preferred. Healthy
eat, enjoy delicious food and at the same time protect the environment
spare – that’s quite easy with whole foods.
But what does full value mean when we look at the
Area of applied arts, handicrafts
and designs look. Do we mean a
valuable material from which an object is made
so that it is suitable for investment? Or a sophisticated
Technology that only a few have mastered?
The entire value chain from base material
to the finished product? The utility value or
the recyclability of the exhibit?
In our opinion, this is an exciting topic,
that can help to increase the value of things
and the price of a product in the right light.
move. On display are the works of 20 participants*.
inside from seven plant areas.

Exhibition opening:

Saturday | 03.06. 2023 | 12-14 h
Dr. Sabine Wilp
Head handicraft form

Guided tours:
Thursday | 15.06. | 16:30 -17:30
Thursday | 29.06. | 16:30 -17:30
The exhibition is guided by
Dipl.-Des. Rüdiger Tamm
Craft form Hanover

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