Sheep's Wool to Warm Up Your Home

My name is Michelle Mohr

I am a textile designer and work with sheep’s wool mainly from the region where I live – from the Wendland area, from Germany and on occasion from neighboring countries. I focus on the wool from rare breeds of sheep and work mainly with natural undyed wool.

Into this material I weave my many years of experience to create large and small rugs, felt pillows and “vegetarian” sheepskins.
Furnishings and materials have been important to me since my childhood. I immensely enjoy bringing new life to rooms and adding warmth, happiness and tranquillity to interior spaces with the help of my wool products.

Creating unique rugs knot by knot

I create the rugs by hand from 100% sheep’s wool that comes in thick woollen strands. I tie these strands to rugs using a unique knotting technique that I developed during my studies at Weissensee School of Art and Design Berlin.
Together, the material and technique produce a thick warm rug with a unique structure.

Custom-made orders

Your rug can be tailored to match your preferences and to suit the interior of your home. You yourself can choose the patterns and colors that best complement your living space.
Should you require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me here . I’ll be happy to respond to you in English.


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