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Warming sheep wool for
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Suitable for everyday use

Wool not only provides excellent warmth, but also repels dirt. All felted products can be washed in the washing machine.

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Animal friendly

Every year, my products contain more sheep’s wool from the Wendland region. It is important to me that the sheep whose wool I process are kept in a species-appropriate manner.

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Environmentally compatible

The undyed sheep’s wool and the soap I use for felting is biodegradable. Sheep wool I process from Germany, the region or keep the transport routes manageable.

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All products are handmade with dedication in Wendland. Development and production takes place in my manufactory on site.

Everything from sheep wool for your home

Michelle Mohr Atelier Schafwolle Teppich Textildesign

Hello, I am Michelle Mohr

The theme of furnishings and materials has run through my life since childhood. I simply enjoy bringing rooms to new life and bringing warmth and joy into rooms with my products.

Therefore, I chose wool as the material. Wool is one of the oldest materials used by mankind for clothing. The thick tent-like woolen coats of the shepherds, who spent more time outdoors than indoors in those days, provide protection from many influences.

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Wool - high-tech fiber from nature

Wool warms, envelops and also creates a cozy feeling in the interior. Wool makes my rugs more than an object. It is known that sheep’s wool warms, but in addition, it also absorbs and releases moisture from the air. So it pleasantly regulates the air in the room like clay.


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Our store in Hitzacker

Our community store “provinzgestaltung” in Hitzacker an der Elbe has been open since February 2024! We are three designers from Wendland who are organizing the new community store. In our store, we offer high-quality design products for the furnishing sector from the region. Both we and our guests make our own products.

Discover my seat cushions, bench cushions and rugs in “provinzgestaltung”. You can experience and try out the quality of my sheep’s wool products up close on site. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can order your desired color directly in the store.

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