topper geometry


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  • felted blanket or light carpet
  • like a sheepskin, for chair, armchair or floor
  • also possible in desired size
  • 100% sheep wool, natural color and dyed
  • Front and back are different
  • approx. 120 x 70 cm

This collage-like technique of combining felt with each other to create linear strict shapes interprets the classic felting technique in a new way. Front and back, differ in color by a kind of interweaving, which gives the wool felt a geometric shape. Here, the undyed and dyed sheep’s wool is excitingly combined in different surface ratios. The soft bumpy surface texture contrasts with the strict shape.

The blankets can be placed on the sofa, armchair, rocking chair or chair like a sheepskin. They keep just as warm and are easily machine washable in the wool wash program. They can also be used as a light carpet in the bathroom or bedroom. (Depending on the floor, an anti-slip mat should then be placed underneath). They also cut a good figure at the head of a bed!

Not only as an object for the wall, but also as a sustainable everyday companion, these blankets use all the positive properties that sheep’s wool has to offer. It is known that sheep’s wool warms, but in addition it absorbs and releases moisture from the air, so it pleasantly regulates the air in the room. Noise is also muffled, as the wool has a sound-absorbing effect.

Size may vary due to the make.

Would you like the blankets in a different size? Write me a message, I will be happy to send you a quote.

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