Comfort carpets

The very special structure of my carpets triggers a pleasant, massage-like feeling under the feet. The heavy carpets warm and radiate security. A home accessory that brings sensuality and strength to the room.

Part of the special properties is the material. The washed and combed wool is first felted. This is how the thick woolen strands from which the carpets are knotted are created. More than half of the sheep wool I process is undyed – just as it comes from the sheep.
Sheep wool provides a balanced living climate in the interior. It absorbs moisture and releases it again. It also improves the acoustics in a room due to its sound-absorbing properties. A renewable raw material that is sustainable, durable and compostable. A round thing for your home!

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Stroke structure

The special structure of my surface felt invites you to touch and feel. After many years of experimenting, I modified the classic felting technique a bit to bring out this particular structure in the surface felt.

Sheep wool consists of fine hairs that have special properties. The hair is hollow and air-filled, hence the good warming and temperature balancing properties. A sturdy felt can be made from most sheep’s wool. This is due to the scales of the individual hairs that stand up when exposed to heat and the addition of soap. Mechanical action (by hand or machine) causes the individual scales to interlock, forming a felt. This process creates the surface felt.



All carpets are unique and are made individually. Here you can find examples of how your carpet could look like. You choose your desired colors and the appropriate size. To choose the color you can order my color samples. So you can choose the right color at home.

All works are created at my work table. I plan patterns and new designs on paper and on the computer before I get to felting and knotting. I knotted my first rug in 2012 as part of my thesis. To this day, I am still learning, improving the steps and developing new handles. In Berlin, Christine Birkle from HutUp taught me the craft of felting during an internship in 2003. Since then I have been thrilled with the material!

Whether seat cushion, wall cushion, carpet, bench cushion or free form wishes, try yourself the
configurator to create your dream piece.



Many of my works are made of natural, undyed sheep’s wool. The wide spectrum of natural wool colors inspires me again and again.individual pieces in my collection I dye according to customer wishes with vegetable dye or acid dyes.

I also like to work with indigo, because this natural dye has a high light fastness. This UV resistance of my products is important to me, so that my carpets have a long life, whether on the wall or floor.