Carpet “indigo flow


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  • hand dyed
  • 100% wool from Rhön sheep
  • Size: approx 117 x 240 cm
  • Indigo dyed
  • Tapestry (can also be made for the floor)
  • Would you like more information? Write me a

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Michelle Mohr’s rugs are knotted, not woven. They look similar to knitted, but are much firmer, less flexible and therefore very stable in shape. This way of making is inspired by macramé and unique. Nor does it have anything in common with the knotted carpets associated with the Orient.

In the foreground of the design is the characteristic structure of the moving surface. In interaction with the material, a unique feel is created. In addition, this knotting technique can also be used to create patterns that are distinctly different in design from those of the weaving technique. The result is a play between structure and pattern.

Both sides of the carpets can be used as a top. The pages have two completely different structures and thus create entirely different effects.

The carpet was norminated in 2020 for the 15th Carpet Design Award “Best Studio Artist Design” of Domotex Fair Hannover.

Do you want a different size? My carpets are also made individually for you. According to their wishes, matching color, pattern and size. Just write me a

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