Pillow roll

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Cover: 100% sheep wool

Filling variable: wool pellets from the Wendland, sheep’s wool solid or spelt husk.

approx. 25 x 58 cm

These cushion shapes can beautify and support yoga practice or make sitting and lying on the sofa or floor more comfortable. Meditation cushions, blankets and pillow rolls (or also called bolster or pouf) made of 100% sheep’s wool warm very nicely.

The rolls are filled with either spelt husk or wool. The wool pellets are made in Wendland and make the rolls soft and cozy. If you want the rollers (or bolster) firmer, you can choose the spelt, this variant also still adapts to the body, but is more stable. All meditation cushions are filled with spelt husk to provide a stable yet adaptable fit.

Zippers are sewn into the inlays of all variants so that filling can be removed as needed to adjust the firmness and height of the pillows. The sleeves can be washed cold in the wool wash program.

approx. 25 x 58 cm

All pillows are handmade in Wendland from German and regional sheep wool.

The pillows are cold washable in the wool wash program.


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