Seat cushion round


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approx. 35 x 35 cm in diameter

100% undyed sheep wool 79 €

100% dyed merino wool from Germany 84 €

All seat cushions have 2 different sides that differ in structure. They can be used on both sides and thus offer a little variety. The sheep wool is felted and then knotted which makes the seat cushions very resistant and durable. The natural colored sheep’s wool still has a residual amount of natural wool fat, lanolin. This makes the wool dirt repellent. In case of possible stains, a little soap and a sponge can usually remove the stain by dabbing. The seat cushions are also suitable for outdoor use, as they do not mind a little moisture if they can dry well afterwards.

The seat cushions about 35 x 35 cm in diameter.

Custom sizes can be made, feel free to contact us!