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Not only the technique, the material of our carpets, too, is exclusive. The woollen threats we knot are manufactured by us and are essential for the design.

The wool we use for our carpets, cushions and furs originates in our region (Wendland) or in Germany. Deliberately we use wool from endangered breeds of sheep, too, to support them. The origin and well-being of the animals is important to us.

In our designs naturally coloured wool plays a leading part. When designing our products we combine naturally coloured wool with dyed wool, because natural sheep wool already offers a vast spectrum of hues that combines excellently with dyed wool. For custom-made orders we offer natural dyeing with a range of plants as well.

By our knotting technique the carpets get up to 3,5 cm thick. This lends very warming features to the carpet and ensures a very good sound-absorption. All other positive characteristics of sheep wool, like regulation of air-moisture are enhanced by the amount of wool.

Schafwolle Schafe