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über Michelle Mohr

Michelle Mohr, textile designer from Wendland in Lower Saxony (Germany) designs and produces one-of-a-kind rugs and carpets. Her products include seat cushions, cushions and home textiles all made from regial and german sheeps wool. The design of her products moves in the tension between urban objectivness and the sensuality of wool as a most diverse material. She combines naturally coloured wool with selected dyed wool. Even plant based dyeings are being used. Using her own technique, inspired by Makramee her designs are manufactured manually knot by knot. The resulting unique structure forms a textile work of art aesthetically appealing and yet fit for daily routine. The idee is based on her diploma thesis which was nominated for the German Ecodesign Award 2013.

The wool Ms. Mohr uses is not only knotted but felted as well. A unique and distinctive texture is present in all of her flat felt and the soft look invites to feel. The sound-absorbing and air-regulating features of sheeps wool are used by Ms Mohr for her akustic collection „WANDlung“. This finds its place in private and public rooms alike.

Since her degree as Textile Designer at the Academy of Arts Berlin-Weißensee in 2012 she has been working as a selfimployed artisan.

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