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The rugs by Michelle Mohr are knotted not woven. They resemble a knitted structure but are much stronger, less flexible and hence very rigid. This unique way of manufacturing was inspired by macramé. As well oriental knotted carpets are made in a different way, too.

The base to their design is the characteristic structure of the moved surface. By interaction with the material a unique haptic evolves. Additionally our manufacturing technique allows pattern that differ strongly from woven fabric. Combined there is a play between structure and pattern.

Both sides of the rugs can be used as upper side. They show very different structures and yield very different effects.


Our carpets are manufactured individually to your order, according to your preferences in colour, pattern and dimensions. A little selection of examples can be seen online and at our partner shops. We will be happy to welcome you in our workshop, too. Please make an appointment and get an overview over our products and try out our rugs. If that is not possible we will gladly send you examples.

Looking forward to your message:

Or call us: +49 176 2003 4742

The concept behind our rugs is part of the diploma thesis “material story” by Michelle Mohr, nominated for the German Federal Ecodesign Award 2013.

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